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Phone +1-222-222-222

Our Process

Everything Starts with a Phone Call

After we have been briefly introduced through e-mail. We will learn about each other and determine if we’ve got the right fit for each other through a call. If we do, we start asking questions to learn more about your business, your goals with us, and which services you’re interested in. It will also give us an overview of exactly what your business is doing and how we can help.

Honesty is key, so if we feel that you’ve selected the wrong services or are taking a wrong approach we will let you know. This way you can invest your budget into services that will actually bring results. Unlike the other guys, we won’t try to upsell you unnecessary services.

We’re your dedicated ally, ensuring that our first call not only delivers tangible value but equips you with actionable Pinterest strategies that you can confidently implement on your own.



During our call, we will briefly go over the full proposal so both parties are on the same page and understand exactly what we need to do to help your business reach its goals… 

We make sure to explain all the Pinterest strategies that will be executed by us, and exactly how they will help your business achieve its goals. These strategies are backed up by over 7 years of experience, expertise, and results that have worked for our other clients. 

After this meeting, the detailed Proposal will be sent to you for your review. 


Once we’ve gathered a brief overview of your business, our team will begin doing research right away. We look into things like: 

Your Competitors

So we can make you stand out

Target Market

Who your customers are


What services your business requires most

This allows us come up with a strategy and proposal which is entirely predicated towards your goals. This process usually takes us 48-72 hours

All this without set-up fees and other mysterious charges that the other guys like to build into their services.

Pricing & Commitmnet

No games, no surprises, no confusing quotes, no hidden fees. We’ll now quote a price to make business more fulfilling, not frustrating and more expensive. Our prices are based on the following: 

Your Budget

What your willing to spend


How much time our team will spend on your business


The amount of income or results we can generate 

What are you waiting for?

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